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A strong brand appearance

sends the right message.

The Lufthansa brand with the crane enjoys a brand recognition of 95% in Germany and has also been renowned worldwide for decades as the No. 4 airline brand with a brand equity of 4,1 billion US Dollar ( 04/2015). But it is not only that the brand is so well-known, it is even more the fact that this brand symbolises a unique premium and quality approach with corporate and leisure travellers. This is an essential and extraordinary Argument for more than 650 independent entrepreneurs world-wide who have already made their decision for a partnership with Lufthansa City Center.

The benefits of the strong Lufthansa City Center network are obvious: LCC travel agencies remain independent and enjoy their entire entrepreneurial freedom. Still, they profit from the international Expertise of a leading premium provider for corporate and leisure travel. Each owner-managed Lufthansa City Center enjoys the best of both worlds. This is also one of the main reasons why our LCC entrepreneurs represent and demonstrate an outstanding above-average performance.

The Lufthansa City Center Headquarters supports each franchisee with a targeted and individual concept which offers a wide range of products and services to increase and maximise success and profits.

In Germany where the concept originated we have 300 Lufthansa City Center travel agencies which all belong to the best agencies in the market. Also world-wide, where the network comprises altogether 650 Lufthansa City Center locations in more than 90 countries, only those agencies are selected which commit themselves to maximum quality. To ensure that this status is maintained, we support our LCC franchisees with a comprehensive strategic quality concept. It is our aim to advance all LCC agencies to maximum customer satisfaction, profitability, and market share at the highest possible level. Our quality standards, which were defined by franchisees for franchisees, are constantly further developed and adapted in regular exchange with our LCC offices to ensure 100% feasibility and operational value. Within the franchise concept we distinguish between Lufthansa City Center offices, Business Travel Lufthansa City Center offices, which focus on national corporate travel requirements, and Global Travel Lufthansa City Center agencies, which manage multinational corporate accounts and all three concepts are described in this brochure. Certification programmes such as Din ISO 9001 for all Business Travel agencies in Germany and Switzerland, underline the significance of the Lufthansa City Center quality leadership.

Sandro Felber, LCC Take Off Travel, Germany

„Applying the value of an international premium brand to our local entrepreneurial spirit with a global network at hand, this is what creates our concept for success.“

If you decide in favour of a fruitful partnership with Lufthansa City Center, you receive the best portfolio of services and tools to perform professionally and profitably in the market. In the challenging corporate and leisure travel sector this competitive advantage creates a clear added value. If you are ready, willing, and committed to bring your entrepreneurial spirit and power into an ever growing network of experts world-wide, then your success is guaranteed.

Lufthansa City Center

that's what WE stand for.

Leisure competence in focus.

Target in sight.

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Lufthansa City Center was founded in 1991 and has developed into the world’s largest independent travel agency franchise cooperation. For your customers this means: A comprehensive, varied portfolio of unique travel experiences at attractive conditions and a local high-quality LCC contact person at hand, no matter where in the world.

For you this means: Defining your profile and developing competencies in certain travel segments, whether your focus is corporate or leisure. On top of that, you benefit from the wide variety of unique local insider know-how to add value to your service promise. With this each LCC can individually further develop and sharpen its own personal profile to stand out from the competition in the regional environment as well.

Tailor-made own tour packages and once-in-a-lifetime travel arrangements created within the LCC network offer a profitable competitive advantage. In addition, the LCC Headquarters negotiates attractive conditions with a large portfolio of preferred suppliers to ensure you benefit from optimised commissions. Lufthansa City Center franchisees specialise in the high-yield premium leisure segments, be it cruise, golf, adventure travel or luxury, symbolising the Lufthansa City Center focus on competence and excellent expertise: Lufthansa City Center agencies offer packages for the discerning traveller which provide extravagance and luxurious travel destinations. A network of professional congress organisers (PCO), DMCs (Destination Management Companies) and MICE providers (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events) completes the portfolio of specialisation within the LCC network.

Apart from the incoming expertise of many Lufthansa City Center agencies, the outgoing business grows steadily.

Here Lufthansa City Center agencies offer the complete range of travel suppliers and tour operators available in each market.

Devendra Parekh, LCC Global Travel Member Travels and Rentals, India

“For us LCC is a circle of trust in which we source both incoming business and engage with a vast pool of globally scattered members for our outbound leisure division. With LCC we enjoy a rich resource centre of learning, sharing, networking, inroads to luxury business and access to ever evolving benefits in keeping with new business challenges.”

Extraordinary competences
united in one global network

As a long-time leader in providing travel services to global customers, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has been successful in aligning corporate expertise throughout the world. However, the services and products of more than 650 LCC offices in 90 markets goes way beyond the corporate realm. LCC handles all segments of travel as the only global franchise network that plays to its core strength – expertise, competence, passion and local knowledge of each individual entrepreneur. Our offices work with individuals, groups, leisure, luxury, meetings, incentives, congresses or events (MICE) or special niche offerings. Our more than 650 locations across the world share one objective: to serve the unique needs of selective travellers and design customised journeys for each client. LCC is committed to a fully personal and customised experience with a touch of local authenticity that could only come from a partner like LCC.

Our network of privileged and professional incoming agencies is the premier resource for extraordinary travel experiences. We provide strong market insight, local product knowledge and well-connected outbound agencies for a variety of needs and services.

With the LCC Global Incoming Network (LCC GIN), our agencies have become pioneers in interlinking both sellers and buyers of incoming services under one quality seal and one focus: tailor-made travel inspirations, carrying the incomparable LCC signature. In 2015, LCC established one common marketplace for the very first time and streamlined a digital platform for incoming and outgoing agencies.This platform combines two important stages in the customer journey: inspiration and transaction. The customer begins with their inspiration to search and find their travel experience. LCC GIN provides customers access to extraordinary packages and travels offered by certified LCC GIN agencies. The online marketplace displays unique travel experiences found only within the LCC network. As far as transactions, the global purchasing process becomes easy and efficient within LCC GIN. This business exchange is administered and proactively promoted by LCC Headquarters to ensure quality standards. To date, 70 LCC GIN Sellers in 75 countries represent an ever-growing network of handpicked travel ambassadors reaching for the best travel experience a customer can ever imagine.

LCC GIN guides its members on both the selling and purchasing sides of the transactions. Intercultural barriers disappear as business between LCC offices increases. Whether you are looking for a source of inspiration for unique itineraries or searching for the perfect match to handle your customer’s extraordinary wishes, LCC GIN is your premier resource. Find answers and establish valuable, reliable contacts who share the same motivation, dedication and quality promise that belongs in every Lufthansa City Center. Within a trusted environment and in a long-established network, LCC GIN has built intercultural bridges for creating new business opportunities. LCC GIN is a clear differentiation in the international travel market.

As the most innovative travel solution today, LCC GIN will become the leading online marketplace for unique leisure services, LCC-operated tours, niches and MICE services in the near future. LCC GIN has now opened the door for new customer groups, higher margins and to an exclusive positioning in the market today. We can now offer customer individualization on a truly global scale: To date with 70 LCC GIN Seller in covering 75 countries.

Luciana Kramer, LCC GIN Seller Viajes Modernos, Panama

“For me and my company, LCC GIN means exposing our unique travel products much more efficiently to my fellow LCC. So, they can really see what my country Panamá is all about – a hidden treasure – and that Viajes Modernos Lufthansa City Center can deliver to them this ‘hidden treasure’ in a truly tailor-made and high-quality manner.”

Lufthansa City Center

Global Incoming Network - more than you can expect.

Business Travel sets focus on

service quality.

Robert Bernwieser, LCC Park Travel, South Africa

“Being a Business Travel member assures our clients of collaborating with a reliable and action-focused partner.”

Within the corporate travel segment Lufthansa City Center is excellently positioned on a national and international level with its corporate travel brand Business Travel. This focus on servicing corporate travel requirements has paid off right from the very beginning. Up to now, Business Travel serves more than 50.000 corporate customers. Thanks to tailor-made solutions, Lufthansa City Center have become a market leader for small and medium-sized customers (SME). However, our corporate travel experts do not only serve SMEs, but we use our excellent service capabilities to also serve many large and multinational companies.

The Frankfurt-based LCC Headquarters sup ports you as a franchisee in varied ways – in corporate customer sales efforts as well as in the development of relevant products and technologies. You benefit from excellent help in tenders, the professional implementation team and

comprehensive support with national and international customers.

IT know-how for optimised processes

An all-round corporate customer service Needs far more than just perfect service and highly professional competence: It is also essential to have
the seamless implementation and Integration of online booking engines in existing Company structures. LCC offices receive all necessary services for such an IT migration from the LCC Headquarters.

Within Europe, Germany is the largest source market for multinational corporate travel.* LCC has its own important share of this Business with its corporate travel brand Business Travel. Thanks to the comprehensive busi - ness travel portfolio and professional sales, marketing, and IT support you as an LCC franchisee will further develop this market segment.

As a global player in the corporate travel sector, LCC customers appreciate the combination of market leading international quality standards with flexible services, which comply with special local market requirements and still have the overall global perspective in mind. The LCC Headquarters supports with customised tailor-made technologies for small, medium-sized, and global companies. Our innovative products offered on a multinational level range from cost saving online booking systems to our individual data consolidation and reporting system up to the efficient travel expense monitoring tools.

To provide a uniform service for multinational corporate customers, Lufthansa City Center introduced a new service level in 2013 with a clear worldwide orientation: In addition to the global LCC Business Travel Partner Network which focuses on local accounts, LCC Global Travel has been launched. LCC Global Travel contains a clear joint appearance in the world´s different markets, the standardisation of travel management products, the international solicitation of multinational corporate travel accounts, as well as a greater interlinking of all multinational LCC corporate activities.

LCC Global Travel Members are LCC’s Corporate Flagship Partners located in the top 25 corporate markets. LCC Global Travel members are vetted, certified and appointed by the LCC Headquarters after a comprehensive and careful qualification and selection process and form the multinational corporate elite within LCC.

Globally and locally.

Unique worldwide.

A common technology platform combined with multinational RFP writing and bidding will be coordinated via the LCC Headquarters for the benefit of all partners. All members are involved in multinational business and are steadily expanding or plan to grow their activities in this area in the next few years. The objective is the retention of existing customers, the winning of further multinational corporate travel accounts, as well as greater profitability for the LCC franchisees.

Lufthansa City Center also provides central sales and key account management as well as a permanent international exchange. Thanks to its global network LCC is, and remains unique and successful on the multinational corporate travel stage.

Since 2017 Lufthansa City Center cooperates with Travel Leaders based in the US. Together we form the largest travel network worldwide with 90.000 locations and an annual turnover of over 35bn USD.

Momme Schröder, LCC Global Travel Member Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur, Germany

“We have decided for Lufthansa City Center to combine our entrepreneurial power built up over many years with a strong, globally acting network of corporate travel specialists. Only with LCC do the travellers themselves benefit from the local touch of the professional services, best technology and uniform, high quality standards of a global TMC.”

The global network of


As a Lufthansa City Center franchisee you become part of a global, ever expanding network which sets a clear focus on trust and partnership: Whilst in Frankfurt a team of over 20 employees organise and optimise the franchise system, the regional Area Management, located in Argentina, Singapore, Spain, Austria, UK, China, India, Belgrade and Germany, provides personal and local support.

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The LCC Headquarters Team

The LCC Headquarters respects its franchisees and their entrepreneurial power and success. This is why each franchisee can decide for themselves the intensity of the central support.The comprehensive support also includes staff coaching and regional marketing support up to very personal and individual needs, which can be discussed in detail and one-on-one with your regional dedicated Area Manager at any time.

The LCC Headquarters does not represent a central steering entity. It rather focuses on building bridges and connections between an internationally expanding premium brand and local franchisees.

The biggest value is the global network of independent travel agency entrepreneurs. Here, the constant and active dialogue between LCC franchisees and the LCC Headquarters and between the agencies counts more than any recommendation. Interaction and active business relations are the key to success. Many face to face communication channels enable and intensify these interactions on a local, regional, and global level, be it either via the LCC seasonal or annual summits, LCC focus meetings, workshops, trainings, Advisory Board meetings or the LCC Employee Forum.

Yannos Economides, LCC Air Exelixi, Greece

“We joined Lufthansa City Center Overall for two main reasons: the brand and the value from the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the organisation. We are really proud of being members of such a strong network with more than 650 agencies around the world. Our aim is to offer state of the art services to our customers and with LCC, we stay up to date and remain open for essential inspiration also from the LCC Headquarters to continue to be ahead of the competition. Exelixi, which is part of our name Air Exelixi, in Greek means improvement: And LCC helps us a lot in this aspect!”

Every two years, the annual LCC General Assembly invites all franchisees for three days to a conference that sets itself apart. Nobody misses this exciting, market-leading and global travel industry conference that demonstrates the unique LCC Spirit, the spirit of knowledge exchange, joint business opportunities, networking and partnership across any boundaries.. Not only are strategies being defined here but also because business networks are enriched and constantly expanded with new business contacts within the LCC concept.

All LCC owners meet for an intense experience and know-how exchange through workshops, plenary sessions, interactive event setups accompanied by exciting social events.

Entrepreneurs talk to entrepreneurs – and set the path together towards a successful future.

Lufthansa City Center Country Organisations, so called LCOs, act as spokesmen and coordinator – between the LCC Headquarters and individual LCC franchisees in markets with more than 10 LCC locations. The LCO is meant to generate additional local benefits by coordinating and streamlining regional joint supplier negotiations, marketing and sales activities as a strong local group of LCC agencies. Currently, LCOs exist in Austria, Poland and Italy.

As LCC member you benefit from the rich and comprehensive know how exchange within the network, with markets showcasing trends that might affect your local market at a later stage. 

Information technology and sales technology

always a step ahead!

Process optimisation and efficiency are becoming more and more indispensable in the highly competitive corporate and leisure travel markets. State-of-the art service quality can no longer be guaranteed without the relevant and appropriate IT support. To meet the challenging and increasing customer demands Lufthansa City Center trust in a comprehensive and reliable IT portfolio which optimises the business processes in the travel agency. Not only are leading market technologies implemented, they are adapted to the needs and working processes of the respective LCC offices.

The LCC website concept offers a professional internet presence with just one click. As an LCC franchisee you immediately also become an online partner. Each member automatically receives an all-round, ready-to-use, professional and state-of-the art web concept offered in various modules to adapt to each individual need. With the multilingual website concept, you neither have to take care of the concept, design, nor your contents and can fully focus on your core business. Of course, we offer full local flexibility so that you can edit your own offers individually and at any time – with the user-friendly content management system.

To support your local promotion and marketing activities in uniform

corporate identity, our online web-to-publish marketing tool Adkit provides you with a wide variety of templates for stationery, advertising and POS material with easy local production. In a few steps, your individualised brochure, flyer, banner and poster are easily created and then locally printed, without the need to involve any additional local marketing agency.

Communication is key. With the Extranet “myLCC”, communication, dialogue, exchange, feedback, and direct one-on-one exchange has never been easier. myLCC provides real-time dialogue and  franchise, product and sales information. Knowledge from within – available online 24/7.

And also in terms of mobile travel applications, LCC provides the perfect solution: LCC Mobile accompanies the customer and offers seemless communication, booking, destination advice and service support during his journey- again personally designed by his local LCC travel agency.

In terms of Direct Connect capabilities within the changing travel environment, LCC accompanies, consults and offers its franchisees a global solution ahead of the market at best conditions. Cutting-edge technologies and providers ensure seemless process optimisations in any LCC; also in a future without full GDS content.

Productivity and profitability can only be guaranteed with thorough and careful planning and organisation.

Giusi Pennatti, LCC Global Travel Member Schooner Viaggi, Italy

“Technology has become a key success factor in order to maintain customers and win new bids. Advanced IT development is crucial to fulfill our corporate customers’ needs. Thanks to the professional LCC support we implemented new tools for our international corporate environment and are able to face all challenges of changing market conditions.”

The future business model changes

with Direct Connect Distribution.

Direct Connect and the future of flight distribution is one of the key issues for Lufthansa City Center.

Why? Because we want to be ahead of the market developments, act instead of react. Many travel provides skip the classical distribution method via the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), as they wish to be more flexible in offering their products to travel agencies and travellers whilst saving costs for GDS segments. As airlines allow travel agencies to connect directly to their own reservation databases, via “Direct Connect", LCC will be among the first to provide a global solution to its franchisees.

As Direct Connect has major impacts on the travel agency business  - with effects on income streams and processes – a thorough evaluation is key. From incentive schemes to the integration in mid- and backoffice systems, many aspects need to be considered.

As a global travel agency powerhouse, LCC principally aims for the same independence airlines are looking for.  LCC will thus provide one platform to the LCC members which gives them access to the classical GDS as well as the multiple Direct Connect channels from airlines, hotels and other providers, all combined in one Front Office.

Jens Schuster

Jens Schuster, Senior Director Franchising

“We want to make our LCC members' lives easier and ensure that all content and best prices are made available to them in order to sell it to all their clients. And we strive for more. Our vision is the LDS:  the LCC Distribution System”

Lufthansa City Center

offline, online, mobile - always there.

Marian Szypula, LCC Global Travel Member etravel, Poland

“The LCC product portfolio inspires new perspectives for our corporate sales strategy, gives us the chance to increase profitability and completes our offer with state of the art technology for our present and future clients. Without being an LCC member, as an independent travel agency, we would not be able to compete with the biggest corporate competitors in our market.”


is the key.

We, as Lufthansa City Center Headquarters are fully committed to the interests, needs and the economic success of our franchisees. This is our approach and our promise with all products, projects, tools and services we offer.

Image, quality management, training, marketing, global central purchasing, access to a global product and service portfolio, preferred pricing for travel tools and technology, consulting and IT are all measured with the same objective in mind: Optimisation of your profitability. When entering the LCC network our mission starts: Increasing your economic success and your global reach with a well-established high-quality brand and a quality network of travel professionals.

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Please feel free to contact us for a personal meeting. We will be more than happy to share with you further details of our high-performing Lufthansa City Center concept, answer any questions you may have and show you the full perspective of your strategic partnership as a Lufthansa City Center franchisee. Send us an email or call us - we are there for you!

Our comprehensive offer includes

  •  Professional support of a leading international franchise system
  •  Superb network of medium-sized entrepreneurs
  •  Incomparable and unique brand appearance
  •  Cutting-edge technology securing your future
  •  Excellent central purchasing conditions with GDS, airline, car, hotel and leisure providers
  •  Multichannel marketing support
  •  Reasonable franchise fee
  •  Independent ownership as a Lufthansa City Center franchisee
  •  and much more

Lufthansa City Center - 

Success and excellence for more than 25 years.